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What if... The small pox vaccination hadn't eradicated the disease?

What if... The small pox vaccination hadn't eradicated the disease?

18th century though the lens of today media

Today May 15 1796, Edward Jenner announced that he has discovered something he calls a vaccine for small pox. More than four hundred thousand people mostly children died over the past 50 years of this terrible disease. The hound news pounced on the opportunity to call him a charlatan and accused him of trying to undermine the direction of the King himself. King George the II stated "the great plagues are an instrument of god, cleansing us of those who are not worthy of living on his earthly kingdom."

The sentiment is not all different in the country side and the streets of London, where the pox seem to strike the hardest. A huge crowd of protesters gathered outside of the parliament today hoping to sway them into taking action against this man who thinks he can play god. The signs stated, "Jenner wants democracy, Science will kill us all, End times is here." This group was obviously followers of the Hound news show and believes that any change would be bad.

Despite this Jenner has vowed to exhaust his entire fortune on perfecting the procedure to help save lives. Imagine one person having the power to change God's will, next thing you know people may start thinking that they have control over their own lives. Luckily the ruling elite have enough money and influence to convince the people that this vaccination will do more harm than good.