Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kailua Kona resident poised to make history

by Duke M Kell

            On Tuesday the 18th of August, a product of the west Hawai‘i school system, Lita Elbertson left for a trip of epic proportions. The plan, become the first person to travel to all 50 states in a motorized vehicle without the use of gasoline. What was once the lore of science fiction has now become a reality thanks to the engineers at Tesla motor company. Lita’s uncle and traveling partner, Mike Fritts made wave’s this year when he became the first person to drive from New York City to Miami without any money in a same Tesla S Series they will be traveling in on their new journey.
            From a personal standpoint, Lita always loved to travel. Since graduating high school in 2006 she has been to 8 countries and 4 states. On this trip, she is set to hit all 50 states and experience her first road trip. “I want to set the record, be the the first.” She said and who can blame her, if successful her name could be synonymous with other firsts that sparked transportation revolutions, Jackson and Croker, Alcock and Brown, and Wiley Post.
            The importance of this trip has far reaching implications that could like those before her change our entire existence. Energy Independence, climate change and skyrocketing costs in our food supply are all enmeshed with our addiction to oil. Years from now, when oil is a distant memory, stories of a girl from Kailua Kona and her uncle may dance off the tongs of teachers across the world. On the 18th her trip began and she is documenting the experience at on her blog www. Like the wayfinders she learned about in the Hawai‘i school system, Lita heads out into the unknown with a sense of calm, and a deep resonating respect for the planet we call our home.

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