Tuesday, June 22, 2010

“Ground Control to Major Tom”

On Saturday, June 12th, shortly following the King Kamehameha Day festival in Kailua Kona, I sat down with Nahoku Kamakawiwoole. We discussed at length his role in orchestrating the Star Family Reunion which takes place July 9th through the 11th, in Farmington, New Mexico. The Star Family Reunion or gathering is a convergence of spiritual leaders from around the world. Their purpose is simple; unite the people of the planet under a new understanding of our existence. OK, it’s not really that simple, but Nahoku and the 20 other speakers involved could be the drop of water that starts the waterfall.

Their interpretations may differ, but the basics within all of their beliefs lead to one conclusion, that human beings have had a very close relationship with Star People for thousands of years. At first glance it seems crazy and Nahoku admits that, “Many people question my sanity, but I do not waiver.” Nahoku is not alone. “Ancient Aliens”, a History Channel series, and a new novel, “The Point of Origin”, both touch on the same conclusion. According to Nahoku, with this new understanding all divisions within the religious world should dissolve. In theory, religions are all based on the same events in history with different interpretations. With that in mind, Nahoku and the organizers of the Star Family Reunion hope to spark an awakening.

The awakening that Nahoku speaks of is inclusive and infinite. His inclusion of living things is not limited to this planet or this universe. He insists that we are all brothers and all connected. The solutions Nahoku suggests are ones that indigenous groups have been echoing for years. The plan reconnects us with the planet and each other. “We must learn to respect each other and our Mother Earth.”

In a time with so many prophecies and predictions of destruction and doom, the organizers of the Star Family may just be a new beacon of hope.



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