Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What if...the earth was the center of the universe?

The time of Copernicus through the lens of todays media.

Last week, Tuesday, July 20 1530, Copernicus gave a stunning speech on his new heliocentric theory.
This theory calls into question the platonic view of our universe and states that the earth really revolves around the sun. Every media outlet in all of Europe has began to report on this radical view. Many critics point to his involvement in academia as some kind of conspiracy theory. Others are calling into question his personal life. The Church, has considered charging him with heresy, but declined comment.

The discussions within the blogisphere has turned into complete vitriol and hate. One angry commenter wrote, “this guy is just a charlatan trying to pass off pseudoscience as fact. How dare he question God's plan.” As with most new ideas the Hound news station has gone on full attack mode, linking his involvement to one of the masonic lodges to an anti-church group called the illuminate. This wild accusation doesn't really need to be true, in today's media its more about planting seeds of doubt. Once the seed is planted, popular culture will run with it until this so called astronomer is completely discredited and destroyed.

Copernicus has laid his bed and now he will have to lay in it. His fifteen minutes of fame has ran its course and so will his crazy notions of the sun being the center of this galaxy. Imagine the type of world this would be if people just went along with all these crazy cults believing in science. The world has never been better, life expectancy is now 40, taxes are low, and trade has increased the variety of foods in the market. For those of us in reality we understand that the world is indeed the center of the galaxy and gods hands are shaping our very existence. One day the children of todays children will thank this generation for standing up to the nonsense these men call progress.

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